Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas is the time for Milk and Cookies

First off, merry Christmas to everyone from Australia. I don't have many plans for the holidays, so gold making is becoming a priority.

Secondly, I just hit 200k liquid gold the other day. Seems weird that I started just over a month ago with a 5k initial investment and have gotten this far.

Now, on to some gold making tips. One of the things I have been doing on and off during these Winter Veil is selling Ice Cold Milk. 'But Tauna, that's a vendor item. Why don't people just buy it from there?'

Because people are lazy and can't be bothered Googling an item when they find it on the Auction House.

This takes less than a minute to do, and they sell fairly well on my realm. I buy a stack or two of Milk from the vendor (which costs 1 silver 19 copper for five.), nip over to the Auction House and sell them at 2 gold each. Within 15 minutes of me putting them up this morning, five have already sold.

It doesn't take long, and doesn't make a lot of money, but it's great for new players and such.

Happy holidays and have fun!

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