Sunday, 15 December 2013

[Trial] Supply run: Giant Rock edition

This is a new feature I'm trying called Trials. They will be new gold making tactics that I am borrowing from other websites to try getting some gold income in addition to my other ventures. Each time I'll include all the links I'm working with and that way anyone can copy them if they desire.

The first supply run I am trying is the Thunder Bluff Vendor Supply Run by Kathroman on the Consortium Forums.

Basically, following the guide I went around and picked up a whole lot of items from vendors. Some are low supply, but most are always there. Recipes I grabbed two of, while I grabbed 5 of the Jeweller's Kit and other necessary items for professions. I also grabbed five of the Prairie Whistles, just in case of an emergency pet surge.


  •  Quick and easy with flying. Took me about ten minutes
  •  Very minimal effort
  •  Not very expensive

  • Competition could be annoying
  • Requires some 'not very smart' people to be on your server


2 days later and most of the bags are gone. I sold a stack of Rune thread for 100 gold, but recipes seem to need to be relisted a couple times. An Ink set also sold, so that's a bit of gold there.

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  1. I like this idea, sounds like a fun segment for your blog!