Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Flipper's Remorse

This subject was thought of after reading an askreddit thread about Fapper's remorse i.e.that queasy feeling that lasts for hours after thinking back, or looking at your unclosed tabs and wondering "how the fuck did I possibly think that was hot"

So, you are sitting at the Auction House using the new sniping tool from TSM. Suddenly a massive discount shows up on the AH, but you need to drop a lot of coin to get it. Your heart starts racing as you think of the possibilities and decide after half a minute that you are going for it. You place the buy, run over to the mail box and collect it.

Now comes the Flipper's Remorse. You think about all the coin you've just spent, how long it's going to take to get rid of an item and worst of all, you begin despising the item.

I had a pretty severe case of this with Shadowfang. I spent my first 90k on it, with no buffer to return to. It definitely set my gold making back a fair bit. It's sad to say, I even got a bit depressed in real life because I had no virtual gold left. I despised that sword. It was cursed and I wanted to be rid of it so bad, I would have taken anything. I did eventually go on to sell it for well over it's worth though.

So, how do you avoid Flipper's Remorse? The first big tip is make sure you research an item lot's first. Impulse buys can end very badly for such massive amounts of gold, so you always need to consider how much gold you will have left at the end of the day.

Secondly, don't get impatient like I do and drop the price severely. You need to be adamant on your price so people don't think you will just keep dropping it.

Thirdly, have friends to help you sell it. At the moment, I have a Battle Bear that I am still trying to sell. One of the ways I've branched out is onto the official forums. My friend (Dollarbills, a fellow AH junkie) helps me keep it bumped up to the top of the forums so that it can sell!

So, all in all, Flipper's Remorse is a common thing. Everyone gets it while flipping, but you need to be strong and confident in your purchases. They WILL sell and you never know what other deals will come your way.



  1. I would agree with the idea of researching an item. But for large flipping items you have to know your market. 90k puts a dent in just about anyone's wow pocketbook. Transmog items are particularly difficult to test the market on.

    I have always erred on the side of safety when it comes to big flipping items. Even then I have gotten stung a couple of times. I purchased 2 Goldems the first week that they were able to be made (30 days after the patch dropped). Picked them up for 25k a piece and thought I could flip them for 35k or more. Ended up selling one for 27k and I still have one sitting in my bank waiting to sell. Other items I've grabbed and then ended up selling at a loss.

    For me it's easiest to be patient on items that I have less invested in them. An item I'm flipping for 1k can sit there and be listed 50 times before I start worrying about selling it. The 100k item gives me much more flexibility but I get an itchy trigger finger because that gold could be making me more gold with lesser investments than just sitting there waiting for that one big whale to land.

    Great article.

  2. I actually agree with Joseph, I would probably never buy a 90K item. I'm way too impatient. It's driving me insane I picked up a schematic for 150G three days ago that sells for 14K and on my server right after I listed it's value is a little under 6K and it still isn't moving :( I'll be patient, I'm really hoping to keep them in the 6 range as the other 2 keep dropping and eventually someone's going to want to that lifelike toad :)