Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bird Seed: Constantly Demanded Items

Recently I discovered on my server the absurd prices of Nightstone and Hessonite. Somewhere around 40-80 gold each, and when you are leveling two jewelers it adds up quickly! There are heaps of items like this, that will always be in demand no matter how out of date they get.

A few that I know of:
- Netherweave Bags
- Silk/Mageweave Cloth
- Stranglekelp (Quite funny how it's at a strangle point for Alchemy)
- Moss Agate

What other constantly demanded items do you know of? Do you take advantage of it and up the prices as much as possible? Comment below with your thoughts!

1 comment:

  1. Im on Blackrock Ally where there is about 25 active 90s.and hardened Elementium Bar sells gangbusters for like 70-80g apiece. This is a server where noone buys anything.and i made 2k in under a minute just selling a random stack i had in one of my full gbanks. Another great item to farm thats super easy to farm is Rugged Leather. I go through the blasted lands portal on my skinner droo and I fly around looking for corpses on primetime like, mid day saturday or evening? I dont even have to kill theres so many dead skinnable corpses can make like 5 grand an hour there and while Rugged might fluctuate a ton? It always sells steady. Just a couple of ideas. Also, planting 16 songbell seeds for the motes of harmony on a tailor is super good because you manufacture like 2 Royal Satchels for 2-3k a week and it takes 10 mins max a day cuz the Silken Fields are right by Tillers. People will be buying royal satchels for years.