Friday, 14 February 2014

TSM for Noobs: Introduction and Modules

I'm going to try and pump out a few of these mini guides. Each will come with hints and tips, in writing format for ease of learning. Hopefully I get a few out each week, moving from inexperienced up to some more advanced commands and such.

What is TSM?

TradeSkillMaster 2 is one of the most powerful tools around for WoW Gold Making. The main draw to this program is how powerful it is when you add modules. You see, the base program is basically like a plain cookie recipe. You can eat it, but it's a waste and really has no use without other ingredients.

It's the same with TSM, the base program has no use without modules.


Modules are the flavor. They add on to the features of TSM. To use them, you have to have TSM installed however! Otherwise you are just eating chocolate chips and getting fat.

The modules that I am currently using:

 Accounting: This module is used to track sales and expenses. Great for tracking your gold making progress, keeping track of items you have bought and sold.

AuctionDB and WoWuction: These modules are used for pricing items. As you can see above, the prices are put into the tooltips of items. This can be turned off, however, I just really like to see values. The data collected from these modules are used in Shopping, Auctioning and Crafting. Very important!

Auctioning: Allows you to post items really quickly and cancel auctions. With the use of the grouping and operations you can do anything with this. Post at specific amounts, percents of market value or anything in between. You can cancel auctions that are going to expire in a certain time, or even reset the whole market. Very important addon!

Shopping: Another great addition to TSM, this allows you to search any items you have in a group. Once again, you can make Shopping operations to search for items under a certain price or percent of their market value. Useful for transmog searches and other items you want to get a great bargain on. Comes with the Sniper addition which scans the AH in real time for bargains you have set up.

Crafting and ItemTracker: I have grouped these two because they work hand in hand. Using groups once again, you can set up a crafting queue to craft anything above a certain price profit or market value. Very useful in Jewelcrafting and Inscription, where you make millions of glyphs/gems and need to keep track of how many you have of each. It generates a queue based on the operations you have made. ItemTracker does exactly what it says, tracks items. It tracks all items across guild banks, auctions, mail and bags.

There are other modules that are available, but these are the ones that I am currently using and will be covering in these guides. I must stress, I am a noob also. So we can learn together!


  1. Yay!! thank you soooo much for doing these can't wait to read the rest, I love tsm but its soooo hard to understand!

  2. Definitely looking forward to this. I've installed and uninstalled TSM so many times over the years I've lost count. I REALLY want to finally understand it and get comfortable with it before WoD comes out. I redownloaded and reinstalled everything again 2 days ago and I'm slowly going through Phat Lewts videos, but another perspective (and a noob one at that) might be very important. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Question: AuctionDB or WoWuction? Is there a reason to use both?

    1. Different ways of pricing. Usually I go with WoWuction, but there are difference between both sets of data.

  4. If an item hasn't been seen on your realm before then wowuctions global prices are very handy!

  5. I downloaded all the modules but it keeps says I have not downloaded them... is there a specific location (File) they are suppose to be in to work? I understand how to use it but I am a dummy at downloading everything