Sunday, 9 February 2014

Why I will always be a Blizzard Fanboy

Blizzard. The people who work tirelessly on our game. Day in and day out they have people online at our beck and call to try and make World of Warcraft the best game it can possibly be.

 Have you ever thought of simply how much Blizzard does right?

The lore of the Warcraft universe is amazing. If you delve right into it, you will be surprised just how in depth it can be. Every quest and every storyline was written by someone who has to accept that people will skip through the quest text a lot of the time. The story of Garrosh has been an evolution dating back to his father, Grom, all the way back in Warcraft II. You can't tell me that it isn't an awesome lead-up to Siege of Orgrimmar. Novels and comics come out based around the whole universe for the small percentage of players who go out of their way to discover why they are fighting.

Their customer service is amongst the best in any industry. While they can't solve every problem, most GM's will give it their best shot to help you no matter what. If you get scammed, if you accidentally buy something or get stuck in somewhere seemingly impossible, they will be there. 24/7, 365 days a year, Blizzard will help you.

The game has stood the test of time, 9 years later and they are still amazingly beautiful. The graphics are updated every expansion, whether it's subtly or massive overhauls like Cataclysm. No one can deny that despite it's age, it's still beautiful. Areas that may never be seen beyond a few quests, someone built them with love.

The social aspect of the game.  I love my guild and my friends so being able to keep in contact with them AND play a cool game at the same time is neat!

You can play the game however you like; gold making, PvP, PvE, achievements, transmog, mount collecting, pet collecting, reputations, dailies, Timeless Isle. So many things to do, and so little time.

They do an incredible job to try and balance every class and spec. With 11 classes and 34 specs, they are just amazing to be able to keep an resemblance of balance while keeping unique rotations to every one of them.

The world is amazingly massive, it takes a fair while to get from one end to the next. The leveling zones are just the right size to be large and enable lowbies to get from one side to the other quickly. Multiple routes of quests mean each character can have a different experience. Have you ever thought about how many quests there actually are in the game? Each one with individual scripts, dialogue and objectives.

Blizzard integrates addons that they see everyone using. Look at the bag search feature, DBM and the upcoming Raid UI. They take what the community wants and put it into the game. Argue all you want, but Blizzard wants to make it easier for newbies to not have to download 100 addons before getting anywhere.

While Blizzard isn't perfect, they certainly don't deserve all the hate they get. Honestly, people just need to calm down and not get up in arms. They have our best wishes in their hearts and don't  want to destroy the game or bring about the end days as most people claim. Blizzard is one of the best game companies out there, and don't deserve the abuse they get on a daily basis.