Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cata greens & other levelling gear; why you need to sell

Lately, the devs of WoW have been making loads of posts over on the wide world of Twitter. One that really caught my attention was posted by Watcher today. Thanks to @StedeWoW for finding this out for us!

As you can see, the gear squish is going to level out the questing gear making it a lot easier to go straight from questing in Wrath to questing in Cata.

Now, what does this have to do with gold making you may ask?

You see, lots of people make gold by selling the Cataclysm levelling gear. It's the gear that people buy to get ahead into Cata questing and make it easier to quest.

Of course, once the patch goes live people won't need that gear. They can just get straight into the dungeons and such.

One of the other reasons for the gear was to get over the mininum ilevel required for the dungeons, which is also going away: (Thanks to @Mrpyrostorm for asking)

So, sell up this gear quick!


  1. While time will tell how different a WotLK 77 item will be from a Cata 77 item I'm thinking since I sell items you can wear before you transition to the next expansion (77-79 and 83-84) I think if there is even the smallest bump to the Cata and MoP item's iLevel they will still sell.

    If not, well, having markets obliterated by changes is just par for the course. ;D

    1. Definitely. It's a pending change, and we will see how it goes once the patch hits. Better to get a warning out just in case, I think!

  2. Also, while many people (not me) call these items "leveling" items I don't know if they realize that they are also used for things like leveling through PVP where the slightest power advantage is very much in demand.

    Another big market is gearing a second spec especially tanking.

  3. I don't do much in the Cata gear market at present, but I've been able to surpass the gold cap this expansion using other markets. An area that I've made quite a bit on though are the MoP gear items that are above 400 ilvl that can be used as early as 80. I'll probably ease up on that market so I don't get caught with a lot of inventory.

  4. is the new expansion in beta yet? Is there a date for it's release? I'll take my chances on the market a bit longer. It this stage of the game when people are looking for other things to do - when earlier content comes back into play.

    And buy at the right price and the risk is mitigated.

  5. On the offhand I get caught with a bunch of useless stock at least it's stuff my enchanter can sell mats from after DE. Thanks for the heads up though, I've been wondering why these items are ALWAYS posted en masse at low low prices the last week or so on my server.

  6. Exactly. I will probably lower my buy and minimum sell prices, but I fully expect this market to continue to be profitable so long as it's not flooded from speculation. Also, my opinion on the IL squish would basically remove the epics item level to all be first tier. So naxx through icc heroic stuff would all be 200IL and they'd subract 64IL (difference between naxx10 and icc25 IL) from everything above it. That'd make a level 77 cata green about 38 IL higher than a 77 wrath green and 8 IL higher than naxx10 gear. Wrath greens still seem to carry a max of 3 stats though so Cata greens have that 4 stat option still going for them exclusively. I made a spreadsheet of speculation as to what a level cata green might look like after the change and by only removing the item level bump from raiding and treating all tiers as the same item level, the level 80 cata green would still be roughly twice as powerful than a wrath green (if they had four stats) whereas currently they are 3 times as powerful. However, if they ignore all raid content entirely and just add 8 IL to cata stuff, we'd be looking at only 15% better. Only time will see when they finalize how close is closer. But since they did specifically state making wrath gear sufficient for cata dugneons, the second option is more likely unless they intend to re-tune the dungeons.