Monday, 10 March 2014

Character boosts and money!

Level 90 boosts have hit the servers, and it seems that loads of people are going out to get it.

PvP gear will likely go up in price, as people wanna go test their new level 90s in battlegrounds while not being fully squishy.

Any PvE gear above 483 ilevel has just become more in demand as people want to try out their new 90's.

There is also more enchants and more gems needed, but I wouldn't expect this market to pick up until late March when people begin semi-gearing their boosted characters.

Previously unconfirmed was the problem of glyphs and boosted characters. From my experience boosting my warrior, Kiba, this morning, you don't get glyphs.

What does this mean? Glyphs are more likely about to sky-rocket in price, and you should cash in on it.

One last train of thought. Eric over at the Golden Crusade made a great post about the math behind the boosts. Go check it out!

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