Thursday, 6 March 2014

Farming: Tauna's pick

Farming; the act of killing mobs over and over again. There are many places in which people go to farm, with each person having their own personal preference on location.

I'm not saying farming is the most efficient way to make money, by far. But this is the place where I have had the most luck.

Potions of Luck are a must if you are farming in Pandaria. The Plundered Treasure chests have a chance to drop off each mob you kill, and you will get loads!

Iriestx over on Reddit posted that he earns a lot from farming the Mogu in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms as well.

I do about 200-250k a week just grinding mogu in the vale in my spare time. For some reason I find it immensely more enjoyable to actually do something with my character than just hump the AH.
Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Keys, Skyshards, and Plundered Treasure make for a profitable time.
EDIT: BTW, Grats OP!
I replied with 200k a week? What are you grinding? Using potions of luck? How many hours?
Sorry about all the questions, I'm always looking for new ways to make gold!
Potions of Luck are a must. Gui-Lao Halls and sometimes out in the 'Vale, depending on how much competition there is out there. I'm a 575 destruction warlock and I still load up on flask and food buffs, anything to make me more efficient. Sac the pet and go full retard rounding up everything I can possibly pull and then AoE blast it down. Most of the people I see fail at farming out there are either using pets, or they're just pulling 2-3 mogu at a time. If you're going to be successful at farming mogu, you have to be highly efficient. Round'em up, as many as you can in a tight group, blow them up fast, loot and speed boost to the next pack. If you don't have a bare minimum of 5 mogu every pull, you're doing it wrong.
Transmute spec'd alchemist too, so making 50+ Living Steel a week from the Spirit of Harmony is a big part of it.
Maybe 12 hours a week (3-4 hours sessions 3-4 times a week) farming? All depends on the free time I have.
EDIT: Oh, and Frenzied Crystal of Rage is a big hit.
His reply suggests that he is highly geared, so it might not work for everyone.

Hope that helps! While farming isn't for everyone, it certainly is fun when you just have to hit something!


  1. Nowhere near as geared as Iriestx but I have had a lot of luck where they're talking about. You can make 300-800 gold per luck potion if you're keeping JUST crafting materials you loot and vendoring greens. A friend brought up that you can also sacrifice some DPS to wear both the Golden Fleece and Golden Moss for more gold boosts.
    I made enough gold since the middle of January off casually dropping in and farming for the duration of one potion now and then to purchase all of the MoP crafted mounts - Approximately 240k? Just the Orbs.
    However, word is getting out and competition is beginning to grow in that area. It's been picking up in the past month or so as people realize it's a way to farm skyshards relatively quickly, and you'll sometimes run into people (usually inefficiently) farming. Not enough to completely throw you off your stride, but enough to hinder your own efforts a little. Try late at night, or asking a friend on a dead server to crossrealm you so you can farm un-impeded.

    1. Forgot to mention - I'm a 550-ish (Lower with the mentioned trinkets, obviously) MM hunter, and I use MD on my pet to drag everything in a room to my pet for easy AoE. Still somewhat geared, but a mildly different approach.

  2. I call shenanigans on Iriestx. This sounds like one of those stories a kid will tell to sound larger than life.

    I farmed the vale for my mount over several weeks, with potions, and didn't make anywhere near 200-250k. Even if I had sold my mount for 100k I wouldn't be anywhere near 200k. I'm still sitting on all the harmonies I found (since I farmed on my engineer, and it's not like they move super faster on an engineer) and they're not worth anywhere near 200k.

    The mobs don't spawn fast enough. Again, I call shenanigans.

    1. Well, seeing as you can turn in each Spirit of Harmony for 2 golden lotus, seems like youre wasting precious gold just sitting on them

    2. Market is flooded with raw materials. Golden lotus is no exception. Would be a waste spending them on lotus when I can obtain them so easy and cheap.

      They're better reserved for if there is shortage on anything, mount crafting, or bags should they ever become BoE. And, mounts never go out of style.

  3. Golden Lotus is 50g each on G Hills Horde. I spent 20k buying them this weekend. Alc needs them to stock potions and elixirs. I cant get enough cheaply...