Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Transferring gold cross realm

Ever since the dawn of WoW, people have been realm hopping around. And with the addition of cross-realm Normal and Heroic Seige of Orgrimmar in the last few hours it means that people now have more reason to change realm. Trialing new members from other realms or finding a guild to raid with has never been easier!

So, here is a simple guild to transferring your gold across realm.

This post is aimed at people who are either going to be transferring to a new realm or starting on a new realm and want to either transfer all their gold or start again.

Limits are annoying

Level     Max. Gold
10-30     300g
31-50     1,000g
51-70     5,000g
71-80     20,000g
81+     50,000g

These are the limits for transferring gold cross realm. As you can see, 50,000g is the most you can transfer on one character. The reason this limit is in place, assumingly, is to stop gold traders realm hopping around with as much gold as possible to sell.

Guild Transfers

One way to get around the personal limit is to get a guild transfer. 10 extra dollars, and you can transfer a full guild with gold cap inside and the guild master.

That's 1 million sorted.

The guild has to be a certain level, and you have to be the guild master for so long in addition to the regular realm transfer regulations.

Good news is that you can fill the guild with whatever you like before hand, so stock it up!

Mounts and more mounts

Mounts are always in demand, be it Panthers or TCG mounts. They are also a great way to transfer some gold cross realm. Check the prices on the realm you are going to for extra profits!


Pets are a great way to transfer gold cross realm without actually transferring realms. Simply check the prices out, buy some pets to the value of how much you need and learn them. Get on your toon on the other realm and cage the pets from in the pet interface. You just transferred the pet cross realm without spending heaps!

Tips for cross-realm and cross-faction

Both factions have pets available for theme exclusively from certain sellers. If you are changing factions, stock up on these for some nice gold.

Always check prices on the other realm before hand. Things that are worthless on your realm or going cheap might be a fortune on the other realm. Be wise and check out the Undermine Journal entries for some things before you transfer over to make sure you can make gold over there as well!

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  1. Very nice summary of how to move that gold around. I've used several of the methods, but the guild bank idea intrigues me. I haven't had the need to move gold from one realm to another for some time, but knowing all the tricks helps immensely. Thank you for the great post! :p