Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Transferring gold cross realm

Ever since the dawn of WoW, people have been realm hopping around. And with the addition of cross-realm Normal and Heroic Seige of Orgrimmar in the last few hours it means that people now have more reason to change realm. Trialing new members from other realms or finding a guild to raid with has never been easier!

So, here is a simple guild to transferring your gold across realm.

This post is aimed at people who are either going to be transferring to a new realm or starting on a new realm and want to either transfer all their gold or start again.

Limits are annoying

Level     Max. Gold
10-30     300g
31-50     1,000g
51-70     5,000g
71-80     20,000g
81+     50,000g

These are the limits for transferring gold cross realm. As you can see, 50,000g is the most you can transfer on one character. The reason this limit is in place, assumingly, is to stop gold traders realm hopping around with as much gold as possible to sell.

Guild Transfers

One way to get around the personal limit is to get a guild transfer. 10 extra dollars, and you can transfer a full guild with gold cap inside and the guild master.

That's 1 million sorted.

The guild has to be a certain level, and you have to be the guild master for so long in addition to the regular realm transfer regulations.

Good news is that you can fill the guild with whatever you like before hand, so stock it up!

Mounts and more mounts

Mounts are always in demand, be it Panthers or TCG mounts. They are also a great way to transfer some gold cross realm. Check the prices on the realm you are going to for extra profits!


Pets are a great way to transfer gold cross realm without actually transferring realms. Simply check the prices out, buy some pets to the value of how much you need and learn them. Get on your toon on the other realm and cage the pets from in the pet interface. You just transferred the pet cross realm without spending heaps!

Tips for cross-realm and cross-faction

Both factions have pets available for theme exclusively from certain sellers. If you are changing factions, stock up on these for some nice gold.

Always check prices on the other realm before hand. Things that are worthless on your realm or going cheap might be a fortune on the other realm. Be wise and check out the Undermine Journal entries for some things before you transfer over to make sure you can make gold over there as well!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Character boosts and money!

Level 90 boosts have hit the servers, and it seems that loads of people are going out to get it.

PvP gear will likely go up in price, as people wanna go test their new level 90s in battlegrounds while not being fully squishy.

Any PvE gear above 483 ilevel has just become more in demand as people want to try out their new 90's.

There is also more enchants and more gems needed, but I wouldn't expect this market to pick up until late March when people begin semi-gearing their boosted characters.

Previously unconfirmed was the problem of glyphs and boosted characters. From my experience boosting my warrior, Kiba, this morning, you don't get glyphs.

What does this mean? Glyphs are more likely about to sky-rocket in price, and you should cash in on it.

One last train of thought. Eric over at the Golden Crusade made a great post about the math behind the boosts. Go check it out!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cata greens & other levelling gear; why you need to sell

Lately, the devs of WoW have been making loads of posts over on the wide world of Twitter. One that really caught my attention was posted by Watcher today. Thanks to @StedeWoW for finding this out for us!

As you can see, the gear squish is going to level out the questing gear making it a lot easier to go straight from questing in Wrath to questing in Cata.

Now, what does this have to do with gold making you may ask?

You see, lots of people make gold by selling the Cataclysm levelling gear. It's the gear that people buy to get ahead into Cata questing and make it easier to quest.

Of course, once the patch goes live people won't need that gear. They can just get straight into the dungeons and such.

One of the other reasons for the gear was to get over the mininum ilevel required for the dungeons, which is also going away: (Thanks to @Mrpyrostorm for asking)

So, sell up this gear quick!

Farming: Tauna's pick

Farming; the act of killing mobs over and over again. There are many places in which people go to farm, with each person having their own personal preference on location.

I'm not saying farming is the most efficient way to make money, by far. But this is the place where I have had the most luck.

Potions of Luck are a must if you are farming in Pandaria. The Plundered Treasure chests have a chance to drop off each mob you kill, and you will get loads!

Iriestx over on Reddit posted that he earns a lot from farming the Mogu in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms as well.

I do about 200-250k a week just grinding mogu in the vale in my spare time. For some reason I find it immensely more enjoyable to actually do something with my character than just hump the AH.
Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Keys, Skyshards, and Plundered Treasure make for a profitable time.
EDIT: BTW, Grats OP!
I replied with 200k a week? What are you grinding? Using potions of luck? How many hours?
Sorry about all the questions, I'm always looking for new ways to make gold!
Potions of Luck are a must. Gui-Lao Halls and sometimes out in the 'Vale, depending on how much competition there is out there. I'm a 575 destruction warlock and I still load up on flask and food buffs, anything to make me more efficient. Sac the pet and go full retard rounding up everything I can possibly pull and then AoE blast it down. Most of the people I see fail at farming out there are either using pets, or they're just pulling 2-3 mogu at a time. If you're going to be successful at farming mogu, you have to be highly efficient. Round'em up, as many as you can in a tight group, blow them up fast, loot and speed boost to the next pack. If you don't have a bare minimum of 5 mogu every pull, you're doing it wrong.
Transmute spec'd alchemist too, so making 50+ Living Steel a week from the Spirit of Harmony is a big part of it.
Maybe 12 hours a week (3-4 hours sessions 3-4 times a week) farming? All depends on the free time I have.
EDIT: Oh, and Frenzied Crystal of Rage is a big hit.
His reply suggests that he is highly geared, so it might not work for everyone.

Hope that helps! While farming isn't for everyone, it certainly is fun when you just have to hit something!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tauna's Road to Gold Cap

Hello readers!

[I forgot to add, follow and message me on Twitter (@Goldtauna) if you have any questions]

As you may have seen from my latest post, I have hit gold cap! One million gold is now mine, and I just have to figure out what I want to spend it on.

So, this post is going to be about my path traveled to reach this milestone and how I went about becoming a millionaire.

I began by looting a 'Blade of Wizardry'. I sold it on the Auction House, and later discovered I could have sold it for a lot more. But this initial 10,000g was what I needed to start. I had been bitten by the gold making bug and the venom spread like wildfire.

When I first began gold-making, my mindset was that the only way I would earn gold was through farming. I would farm herbs or ores, just selling them on the Auction House. Any green items or blue items would just be sold to a vendor. One of the first things I changed when I began gold-making was this mentality. Everything has a value in game. No matter how worthless something may be to me, out there is a buyer. I began looking at the prices of everything using the TSM AuctionDB and WoWuction modules, which made it a lot easier to decide what I would bother trying to sell.

So, how did I make the money? Simple, yet effective methods.

I began with the Fortune Exchange Market. These Mysterious Fortune Cards made me a killing when I first started gold making, but now I can barely be bothered making them. They are great for if I am going AFK for a few minutes though.

Alliance to Horde pets and flipping inks also made me a chunk of gold. The pets are time consuming if you don't have Alliance characters, but certainly worth the effort.

Checking for cheap deals and making sure I listed things for the right price were both valuable lessons, and I certainly learnt them after a few mistakes early on. If you don't list things for the right price, either they won't sell or people will pick them up far too cheap and you miss out on gold!

Jewelcrafting Panthers are one of the things that I love making and selling. Definitely one of the things that made me a lot of money, and still does today. Making batches of 1 or 2 panthers of each colour and barking them in trade chat, I can sell them in 48 hours or less.

I made sure to investigate various markets; with three I liked being Inscription PvP trinkets415 Crafted Gear and Drums of Rage. I also never made a blog post about it, but Mammoth Mining Bags. These things are easy to make, with the pattern being gated by Sons of Hodir rep. If you don't mind doing the half hour grind, then you can easily make thousands of gold off of them.

Never rule out some gear to sell, as I learnt. The epic items that most people will sell off cheap because they are no longer 'relevant' will sell very well still.

You need the right mentality to make gold with four simple lessons I taught:
- Flipper's remorse is suffered by even the hardiest goldmakers
- Nothing is 100% profit
- Honey catches more sales than vinegar
- Assets before Gold

Adding on to them, I find loyalty is the best way to get things cheap. Get regular suppliers to send you materials at a discounted price. If they know it's a guarenteed sale, they will go with you.

Loyalty to other people as well. I have found a group on my server selling carries for Normal and Heroic SoO and Challenge Modes. I get a discount with them because I always use them for my needs and am loyal!

There were a couple addons that I covered, along with my pending TSM guide.Getting prices in your tooltips and auto-barking in trade chat were big helpers in my gold making needs.

Did you know there is a lot of money in level 25 guilds? The Darkmoon Faire also offers great opportunities for gold making.

One of my major gold makers was flipping Trading Card Game mounts and pets. I would buy them cheap in trade chat, or off the Auction House, and sell them higher. With a few, I suffered temporary flipper's remorse. Putting 200k into an item, and watching your gold drop is a weird feeling. But in the end, every one paid off. This handy list should help you see the true values of most mounts and pets!

Here is a list of helpful links and resources that I used to reach my million:

PhatLewts' TSM guides. These are invaluable. If you need to learn TSM, go here! (at least until I finish my guides :P )
PhatLewts' Transmog Groups. When I first started transmog, these weren't available, but I wish they were! Simply amazing transmog set up, that will help you set up your own retail store.
- The whole Consortium site. Amazing forums, with amazing people. Any questions you have, go there!
- Gold Making 101: Intro to Goblineering. Just getting started in gold making, go here! My own guide to starting up
- Power Word: Gold. Jim is a legend, and his podcasts and livestreams are great for advanced and basic techniques
- WoWProfitz stream. Great guy, with a great stream. Gold making and more.
- GoblinRaset's stream. Great guy, once again. More gold making techniques, with drunken fun.
- WoWuction and The Undermine Journal are both great for finding deals and cheap items.
- TSM Sniper tool, real time scanning the Auction House for deals! Brilliant!
- Profiting from Pets, you may be sitting on a gold mine right now!
The Official TSM Development forums are a great resource, just please read the stickies before posting!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

TSM For Noobs: Groups, the building blocks

Real life has demanded me away for a while, but hopefully back now!

So, episode 2 of TSM for Noobs. Covering groups, which are where everything stems from. Without groups, you aren't going to have any luck doing anything.

Groups are exactly what they say. Objects that are all grouped together for ease of sale, auction, crafting and anything in between!

Now, to set up a basic group:

For this tutorial, I'm going to set up a group for the Darkmoon Faire Quest Items. Simple, yet effective in helping you sell the items quickly.

First thing you do, type in the name of the group. This can be anything you like, but make it simple to find which group it is later. Click okay, and your first group is created!

Now you need to add items into the group. This can be done one of two ways.

If you have the item in your bags, it is as simple as clicking Add >>> after selecting the items you want in the group.

The other option is the import section. This will 'import' any item ID's you type in and automatically add them to your group.

The easiest way to use this is in conjuction with Power Word: Gold's grouper online function. 
This allows you to simply copy and paste links to the items into the Grouper and create import strings for TSM.

First, I went to the comments of the Darkmoon Prize Ticket as these are the currency received from all the items. I found a handy list of the items, and copied it into the Grouper!

By clicking group now, it generates your import string, which is very handy.

Simply copy that into the import string box in TSM and hit okay.

 And there is one sexy group, ready to have operations added to it!

That wraps up this part of the guide. If you have any questions, chuck them below and I'll get back to you!